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Well this is it, the store is offline. However, the magazines will now link to their respective websites. In short, it is better you go through the trouble of just mailing a check or paypal-ing a magazine directly, as a true credit card solution does nothing but make banks inordinately wealthy. Due to my passionate interest in local economies and currencies, I cannot abide participating in a system of exchange like this any longer.


GOODBYE FAIR READERS! Fiction on Demand will stop taking order once the SSL certification runs up, March 2011. The services offered by Fiction on Demand are now no longer necessary, due to easy point-of-sale e-commerce solutions that can be affordably ran by the magazines themselves. If you would like to show your thanks for the services Fiction on Demand has provided for the last five years, consider contributing to my Kickstarter Project, a collection of my own short fiction that readers of these fine magazinse are certain to enjoy!


The C-Realm podcast publication, Conversations on Collapse, is now available through Fiction on Demand! This book features excerpts of many of the best interviews and commentaries. Check out this excellent podcast online at


14 Hills has joined Fiction on Demand! Read more about this San Francisco State University Review here: A great price on back-issues and no surcharge for international orders!


We have added a new magazine to the Fiction on Demand catalog! Please take a moment to look at Tiferet Journal, you can access their web page by clicking this link. Also, they are offering a set of gift cards with all order placed prior to December 24, 2009.

- Jason Rizos, Fiction on Demand